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Kibale Park is famously known for highest number of Chimps in East Africa with over 1500 Chimps in the same forest. Kibale has over 13 other primate species that vera seen as you track the chimps. It is generally the home of most Uganda’s primate species.
Best time to Visit Kibale National Park
The park can be visited any time of the year especially for Chimpanzee tracking. The best time however is the Peak(dry) season when the forest trails are dry for easy movement as you track the habituated Chimpanzee groups.
The low(rainy) season is also good in a way that you will meet less people in the park tracking the Chimps. For travelers that are Uncomfortable meeting many other visitors in the park, the low Season is the best time for you.

Cost of a Chimpanzee permit
Chimpanzee permits cost $150 for non residents and this allows a visitor to spend one full hour with the Chimps as you learn more about them.

Chimpanzee Habituation
This simply means Training the Chimps to get Used to the presence of Human beings without changing their behavior. This exercise is carried out by UWA researcher who identify wild Chimpanzee groups and train them slowly until they get used to their presence. Visitors can have this experience by only paying $200 per person at UWA head office in Kampala through us at Shoebill Safaris.
Conclusion: The best time to visit Kibale is the dry season which is normally between December to March and June to September.

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