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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda


Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
Bwindi National Park

Gorilla tracking involves hiking into the mountains in search for a habituated Gorilla family in their natural habitat to learn about how they go about their lives. Uganda has the highest number of habituated mountain Gorillas in the world living in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This makes Uganda the best gorilla Tracking destination in the world with a very high chance of meeting these endangered compared to other countries like Rwanda and DRC.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda begins in the morning at 7:00am at the park headquarters with registration and briefing by Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) staff. The visitors are then allocated a gorilla family to track in groups of 8 people and ae given guides to lead them through. This amazing activity could take you 2-6 or more hours depending on the location of the Gorillas as they keep moving in search for food in their forest. You will spend 1 hour with them after finding them, learn about their lives as you watch them play, feed and as they interact with you. Look out for the dominant male (silver back) in a family and monitor how it controls the movement of the entire group and the way it protects the family from intruders. Mothers are seen taking care of the young ones as the youth keep playing around.

Later on after this thrilling experience you return to the park headquarters for gorilla tracking certificates and sign out.

How many people per gorilla group?

Only 8 people are allowed to track a gorilla group a day and are allowed to spend one full hour with the Gorillas from the time of contact. The limit on the number of people is for conservation purposes and to avoid stressing the Gorillas.

Age limit for Gorilla Tracking.

Children that are below 15 years are not allowed to engage in this activity. This is because their ability to react appropriately to the presence of Gorillas is very uncertain, they can for example run a way or scream when they see a gorilla getting close to them. Again children have diseases that may be easily transmitted to these endangered creatures.

For guidelines on what to wear for this activity is also important please check it out.

Gorillas in Uganda can be visited anytime of the year but the best time to track the Gorillas is Peak season when the forest trails are easy to go through.