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Gorilla Permits In Uganda

A gorilla permit is a license issued to the traveler allowing them to be guided in the gorilla’s home to find a habituated Gorilla family and spend 1hr interacting with them in their natural habitat.

Cost of a Gorilla permit

  • Foreign Non-residents $600
  • Foreign Residents $500
  • Ugandans/East Africans $100 or UGX250000

Gorilla permits are issued by Uganda wildlife Authority in Uganda. Booking gorilla permits with the government authority is done through a trusted travel agency prior to our trip for proper allocation of a gorilla family to visit.  the permit is only valid for the date it is meant for and is only used by one person. A group of only 8 people is allowed to visit one Gorilla group every day. Only Adults with 15+ years are allowed to do Gorilla Tracking because the children may not control their behavior in front of the Gorillas. A period of about 6 months before the trip is normally recommended to avoid any inconveniences of failing to get a permit due to the high demand of these permits.

Gorillas can be seen in the Impenetrable forest of Bwindi National park where they live.