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Gorilla Habituation In Bwindi

Gorilla habituation involves training the mountain Gorillas to get used to the presence of human beings to the presence of human beings in their natural habitat. Travelers are given an opportunity to participate in the naming, and general training of these great apes in the forest before they are opened for tracking. A mock exercise is done first before the gorillas are ready for the visitors to come and track them without attacking them or altering their behavior. This great activity of training the Gorillas is done by the UWA researchers who take part in identifying new Gorilla families, naming them and getting them used to the presence of human beings.

Where Gorilla habituation takes place

Gorilla habituation is apparently only in Uganda where a large population of gorillas have been trained. Gorilla habituation takes place in Rushaga section of Bwindi National Park, and two families are currently under habituation Bikingi gorilla family and Bushaho family. Travelers that are interested in this activity can book in time to avoid missing the experience. Shoebill safaris will help you secure your gorilla Permit in time and have a wonderful trip to Uganda.

Cost of a gorilla habituation Permit

Unlike the gorilla tracking permit that costs USD 600, Gorilla habituation costs 1500 USD. The higher charge comes with an opportunity to spend more time with the Gorillas as you learn about the behavior of individual Gorillas in the wild. The cost includes the park entrance fees and guide on your gorilla habituation activity.

Time spent with Gorillas

Travelers are allowed to spend about 4 hours with the Gorillas which is much more than the time they would spend on Gorilla tracking. Gorilla Habituation allows visitors to take more pictures with better views without a hurry.

Age requirement for gorilla habituation

Just like gorilla tracking children below 15 years of age are not allowed to go for gorilla habituation as they may not manage to control their behavior in the presence of Gorillas.

How many per gorilla Group

Only 8 people are allowed to visit a gorilla family per day as is the case with Gorilla tracking. The limit to the number of people is to avoid scaring the gorillas or making them feel threatened.

Gorilla habituation should be one of those activities you must add on your bucket list to make your trip a great adventure ibn the pearl of Africa. Book with us now at shoebill safaris and make your trip to Africa a great memory that you will live to tell.