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Golden monkeys are a special specie of monkeys that live in the Virunga mountains of central Africa in Mgahinga Gorilla national park in south western Uganda, volcanoes National park in Rwanda, Virunga and Kahuzi beinga national parks in Congo. Golden monkeys are a very rare species of monkeys that are so endangered and are very shy compared to other monkeys. Golden monkeys have been habituated and are used to the presence of human beings in their natural habitat without altering their behavior. Tracking the golden monkeys may take 30 minutes to several hours as you search for them in their natural habitat because they keep moving.

How much does it cost to track the Golden Monkeys?

Tracking Golden Monkeys is at $100 per person in Uganda and Rwanda, these costs include a guide and all government taxes required by the government from anyone to do this activity.

What is the best time to Golden monkeys?

Just like the Gorillas, golden monkeys can best be tracked in the drier months of the year (peak season) when the forest trails are passable.

Peak season

This period is normally between December to February and June to August with very low chances of rain. We cannot guarantee a complete dry season since the golden monkeys live in a tropical rain forest and it may rain anytime but these months are generally drier. Booking golden monkey tracking permits should be done in a period of 3 months before your trip for proper arrangements to avoid missing on this great wildlife experience. We also do last-minute bookings do not hesitate to contact us.

Low season

This period is normally with low turn up of visitors to Uganda and Rwanda for this activity due to the unfavorable weather that makes it a bit more challenging to hike into the forest in search for these endangered monkeys. The period is between the months of March to May and September to November with more rain than all other months. The forest trails are very slippery and walking through them may be a bit more difficult. Tracking the Golden monkeys still happens though, because even after a heavy down pour of rain, tracking can resume with less interference.

Where to get golden monkey tracking permits

Golden monkey tracking permits can be acquired through a trusted tours and travel agency from Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) the only authorized government agencies to do that role on behalf of their respective governments in Uganda and Rwanda.

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