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Bwindi celebrates the birth of the 5th baby Gorilla in a period of just six weeks. The baby Gorilla was born in the morning of 31 August 2020 in the Rushegura gorilla group. This baby becomes the 5th to be born during this lockdown period of Covid 19 in Bwindi in a very short time. The mother Ruterana and the baby are all in good health at the moment. This becomes Ruterana’s third offspring as she turns 18 years since she was born in January 2002. Ruterana’s first birth was in 2012, the second was 2016 and now the third baby now. Her first baby died in a fortnight due to pneumonia but she has since not given up and now has two surviving off springs including this new baby Gorilla. Rushegura now has a total number of 18 new members after birth of two new babies in a short period.

About Rushegura gorilla group

This group was formed in 2002 by a dominant silverback known as Mwirima. The two sons of the late Mugurusi disagreed on the leadership of the group causing a secession from the main group Habiyanja. Mwirima disagreed with his brother Rwansigazi who was known for talking the group very long distances for food and Mwirima chose to leave the group with some members to form his own family. The separation happened at a place Known as Rushegura which explains the naming of the group. This gorilla group is found in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi and can be tracked from the park headquarters or a 15 minutes’ drive to the trail head. The group was opened for tracking immediately after the separation because it had been habituated in the previous group. Mwirima later died in 2014 leaving the group under the leadership of a dominant blackback.

About Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park.

Bwindi is Uganda’s home for the most endangered mountain Gorillas sheltering about 500 mountain Gorillas or more. Uganda has 20 habituated mountain Gorilla families 19 in Bwindi and one Gorilla family in Mgahinga Gorilla National park. Some of the habituated Gorilla groups include:  Mubare comprised of 6 members, Habiyanja comprising of 17 members, Rushegura which has of 20 members, Oruzogo, Bitukura, Mukiza, Kyaguliro, Nshongi with 25 members, Bweza which has 9 members, Kahungye with 13 members, Busingye with 7 members, Bushaho with 9 members, Bukingi, Nkuringo with18 members, Mishaya with 12 members, Katwe with 10 members, Kutu with 8 members, Mucugunzi with 8 members, Binyido with 6 members, Christmas and Nyakagezi gorilla families.

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